Orion Associates, Inc.


Orion Associates, Inc.
165 Burke St Stockbridge GA 30281 US

(678) 904-1153 or (866) 913-6551
Fax: (678) 272-6997

Dick Teate - dick@orionassoc.com
Mary Hill -  mary@orionassoc.com

All products available in Aluminum and Galvalume Steel, both Painted and Unpainted.

Some products are available in Copper and Stainless Steel.

Standing Seam Roof Systems
Mechanically Seamed Panels
Snap-Lock Panels
Snap-On-Seam Panels
Weathertight Warranty Systems

 Metal Shingles and Tiles
 Roof or Wall

 Concealed Fastener Wall Panels
 Flush or Ribbed
 Vertical or Horizontal
 Solid or Perforated
Soffit Panels   
Flush or Ribbed
Vented or Solid

Exposed Fastener Panels
Roof or Wall
Factory Fabricated         
Copings and Gravel Stops
ANSI-SPRI Approved
Welded Corners
Internal Splice Plates


Whether you need curved, roof or wall panels, Orion Associates can provide whatever your project requires.